Get Measurable

Today’s top-performing organizations are embracing diversity, equity & inclusion, and gaining a competitive edge.

Done well, diversity and inclusion maximizes performance of individuals, teams and organizations

Ethnically diverse organizations are:







Diverse and inclusive organizations outperform their peers.

Diverse and inclusive teams make better decisions and better solve complex problems.

COVID-19, civil uprisings, and disparate impacts have propelled diversity into the spotlight… again. Many organizations have come face-to-face with a reality they can no longer ignore. DEI is not an option; it is an imperative business strategy that they can't afford to get wrong.

  • Bottom-line impacts

  • Inability to attract and retain talent

  • Reputational Risks

  • Less innovation and lower productivity

It’s time for Sustainable, Measurable change.

For nearly 15  years, we’ve been a premier provider of diversity and inclusion services. Working with organizations that see the value in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Take Your Commitment to
The Next Level

We empower DEI leaders and decision-makers to create measurable change. We’ve continued to evolve and find new and meaningful ways for passionate people to reach their full potential.

Strategy & Consulting
Get the professional tools, expertise, methodology, and support you need.
  • Assess the state of your organization

  • Learn how you compare to your competitors

  • Design equitable processes, services, and products

  • Implement long-term DE&I improvement efforts

  • Measure the effectiveness of organizational DE&I initiatives

  • Open the talent pipeline and build a culture of belonging

Leadership Training
Access personalized, one-on-one support from one of our expert faculty members.
  • Improve your skills, knowledge, intercultural competency

  • Fuel your passion to make a difference

  • Learn how to effectively manage diversity & inclusion work

  • Define DEI priorities based on what will drive business growth

  • Take your professional development into your own hands

Facilitation & Keynotes
Create a memorable and meaningful experience for your next corporate event.
  • Meet the moment with meaningful dialogue

  • Create a climate that is conducive to learning and change

  • Give participants a brave space to speak their truth

  • Facilitate conversations between team leaders to identify and resolve issues

  • Develop a plan of action to move teams forward

Organizations that partner with Stanton Adams for their DEI solutions:

Develop an understanding of why diversity and inclusion are critical to their organization


Find and retain top talent that reflects the communities they serve 


Measurably increase their market share within emerging markets


Gain access to our DEI Partners Community of Practice