5 Tips to Office Politics

5 Tips to Office Politics

Each of the following political tactics varies in degree.  The average person will probably acknowledge using at least one of these strategies. Excessive political maneuvering can become a serious threat to productivity when self-interests clearly override the interests of the team or organization.  Office politics can be kept within reasonable bounds by applying the following five tips:

  1. Build an information network. Knowledge is power. Identify the people who have power and the extent and direction of it.  Title doesn’t necessarily reflect actual Influence. Find out how the grapevine works. Develop good internal public relations for yourself.

  2. Find a mentor. This is a trusted counselor who can be honest with you and help train and guide you to improve your ability and effectiveness as a leader.

  3. Avoid cliques (clicks), Keep circulating in the office. Instead build ties that bind, create IOU’s, obligations, and loyalties. Don’t be afraid to enlist help from above. Although a little pray never hurt anyone in this case I am referring to your superiors.

  4. If you must disagree, disagree over issue that matter. Don’t lose ground over minor issues or petty differences.

  5. Maintain the status and integrity of your allies. Don’t commit your friends names without their approval.

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