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I have seen so many people with these new beats headphone that I was curious as to the benefit.  So one day while at the airport waiting for a flight I gave them a test drive at a small kiosk.  I was blown away by the sound quality and have wanted a pair every since then.  Well I work at a community college in Minnesota and when classes started this semester I notice quite a number of students sporting these same exact headphones.

The price of the ear buds and headphone vary somewhere between $199.00 and $500.00 dollars.

I finally bit the bullet and made a purchase and I am very pleased with my purchase, although I am still having buyers remorse because of the price.

The packaging that the headphones came in was quite the site.  The box the headphone came in is awesome it has compartments the open and gives you a cool place to store your headphones when not in use.  As I sit and listen to with my beats headphones I am satisfied with the quality and sound. So if you haven’t already purchased a pair of “Beats Headphones” give them a try.

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