Collectively Money Is Power Part 2

About the Conference

He worked with 3m and we talked about some the great inventions he created.

I had a great time at the conference and I picked up a lot of great information that I will be delivering to you   through, this blog. 

So that’s enough about me let’s talk about the conference

Aguilar Productions Has Done it Again!

The Conference was produced by Aguilar Productions and I had the opportunity to talk to Richard Aguilar personally “Richard Aguilar is President/CEO of Aguilar Productions, Inc. based in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  Aguilar Productions is the leader in promoting the U.S. Emerging markets to Corporate America, producing marketing conferences and special events with a focus on the Hispanic, Asian-American, African-American, U.S. Emerging African and the LGBT markets. Aguilar Productions has been featured in the Star Tribune, Saint Paul Pioneer Press, Twin Cities Business Magazine, The Business Journal, Hispanic Business Magazine and others. Richard has been a featured speaker at Multicultural marketing conferences throughout the U.S.”(Aguilar Productions).

If you have ever tried to put on a marketing  event you know how much of a challenge it can be.  If you have not done this yet try to think of all of the things that need to take place for something like this to take place.  Then multiply that by the number of attendees and you have your work cut out for you.

Richard or Rick–which is what he likes to be called–has a great Multicultural Marketing mindset and I will be interviewing him for this blog in the near future so please follow so you can read it as soon as it’s published. Rick Aguilar is all around a great guy and he has a knack for getting the right people together and generating quality discussions around the Multicultural world of advertising, marketing and research.  These experts present strategies, case studies, insights and proven techniques, to help attendees reach these consumer segments.  

So readers if you have not already thought about it Multicultural Marketing can be integral to your businesses success. Rick Aguilar and the Aguilar Productions team out did themselves this year, and I am looking forward to seeing what Rick comes up with next.  I walked away from this conference having made some real solid connections with people who love Marketing as much as I do. The added bonus was walking away with a better understanding of Multicultural Marketing.  I was “delighted” thanks to Rick and the Aguilar Productions team.

The Place: Metropolitan State University

The Conference was held at the Saint Paul campus of Metropolitan State University and this year’s focus was U.S. Asian-American, U.S. Emerging African, LGBT and Hispanic-American Markets.  This conference couldn’t have been held at a better location. Metropolitan State University was created in 1971, and has nearly 10,000 students on four campuses across the Twin Cities, of Minnesota, 30% of them are people of color.  What makes the collaboration a great idea from a marketers stand point is that Metropolitan State University has the most culturally diverse campuses out of all the seven state universities in Minnesota. As marketers and entrepreneurs it’s important to think about locations and this was a great location for the 8th Annual Multicultural Marketing Conference.

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