Experiment with Innovative Solutions

Entrepreneurs, By Melissa Adams

Effective managers are more willing to experiment actively with innovative approaches for solving problems, rather than spending an excessive amount of time studying them. Whenever possible, experiments are conducted initially on a small scale to minimize the risk, and ways are found to obtain the information necessary to evaluate results. In some cases, an action is taken not because the manager believes it is the best way to solve a problem, but rather because taking limited action is the only way to develop an adequate understanding of the problem ( Isenberg, 1984; Quinn, 1980).

Peters and Waterman ( 1982, p. 13) found that managers in effective companies had a bias for action characterized as “ do it, fix it, try it.” One manager described the following approach for quickly introducing innovative products: “ Instead of allowing 250 engineers and marketers to work on a new product in isolation for 15 months, they form bands of 5 to 25 and test ideas out on a customer, often with inexpensive prototypes, within a matter of weeks” ( Peters & Waterman, 1982, p. 14).

Reference: Yukl, G. (2006). Leadership In Organizations. Upper Saddle River: Pearson Education, Inc.

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