How Engaged Are Your Employees

How Engaged are Your Employees?

According to a Gallup Poll conducted between January and June 2011 “employees who are engaged in their work and workplace are twice as likely to report their organization is hiring new workers…Workers who are emotionally disconnected from their work and workplace are far more likely to report their organization is letting people go”(Harter 2011)

During a down economy you would rather have employees who are engaged in their work than one who is not.  Stanton Adams Consulting’s employee engagement strategies improve employee engagment, employee retention, and customer perceptions and other outcomes that lead to better financial performance.

For those business leaders who want to know what they can do in this economy to improve the job market, one thing that can be done is an employee engagement program.

Disengaged Employees Worry Companies!

Cash-strapped companies haven’t paid much attention to employee engagement since the recession dawned.  Some are now starting to feel the results of that neglect, experts say…Disengaged Employees Worry Companies (Krantz)

Kranz goes on to describe how recent survey results show employee disengagement has become a problem during the recession.  According to Kranz “a June report by LeadershipIQ, claims 69 percent of North American workers said they are either disengaged or “under engaged” (Kranz).  Business leaders who found themselves cutting training budgets during the recession saw employee engagement slide down their priority list.  During these tough economic times employees are feeling less motivated, and this effects leaders, and middle managers as well as rank-and-file workers.

It Gets Worse

It Gets Worse

As the economy worsened it triggered more layoffs, employees began to despair, going without annual raises and carrying an increased workload due to layoffs.  As if disengaged employees weren’t enough this report goes on to explain that disengaged employees are staying put.  With only 1% of employees surveyed reporting “there is no way they will stay with their employer” during the next 12 months.

There is hope

Although this report paint’s an unhappy picture there were companies that reported maintained or sustained employee engagement.  Their secret is as simple as systematically gathering feedback from employees, analyze the responses and implement the needed changes.  Stanton Adams Consulting has helped many organizations turn things around, with our uniquely designed employee engagement projects.

Have you done an employee engagement study?

How many of your employees are disengaged?

“How engaged are your Employees?”

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