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In the past like many of you, I tried to start businesses  and was unsuccessful. Today, after many years of trying and lot’s of blood and sweat equity, I finally got it right and I am ready to offer my help to you.  My background was covered in some of my past blogs and you will get to know me more as we take this journey together.  I would like to say if you are interested in being in business for yourself you should learn as much as you can about business.

Day 106 - I am a librarian

Over my lifetime I have tried to learn as much as I can about business from books, magazines, blogs, watching videos, listening to CD’s and audio tapes. Basically, through the many forms of media and with the help of the Internet, we have a world of knowledge available to us, and in most cases it’s free.

I also participated in trainings at Women Venture

“WomenVenture is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting women-owned businesses by providing microloans, working capital, education and ongoing consultation through all stages of business.”

After working with Women Venture I really  understood that I really didn’t understand enough about what it took to operate a successful business.  I was determined so I  enrolled in a Business Management program at Saint Paul College and begin taking classes.  Women Venture primed me for the formal classes at Saint Paul College, and for that I am grateful.

Before I finally decided to start my own business, back in 2009, I was an Operations Manager. I developed (2) two other sales vehicles, and expanded the organizations selling arm, and customer reach for my past employer.  I managed a staff of over 100 employees at Librarians Book Express, which is one of the sales divisions for Rosen Publishing.  I did this for (5) years and I gained great insight.  I learned a great deal and received active knowledge by handling crisis as they arrived.

On the other hand what I have learned from my College education is that there is more to learn.  As I reflect on my experience at Librarians Book Express and Rosen Publishing I am thankful for the opportunity to learn to be a great Operations Manager.  What College has taught me is how to be a great business owner.

Many entrepreneurs believe that experience is the best teacher and to an extent so do I, I have a degree from the School Of Hard Knocks, but I also believe that a formal education in business will make you a more successful entrepreneur.  I will offer this blog as a supplement to what one would learn in a class room setting. I will speak to the entrepreneur in you, but I will focus on the foundational needs of a business.

I am part owner of Stanton Adams Consulting, my area of expertise is Business Development.  I want to help entrepreneurs learn about business and how they can make there business ideas a reality.  Being invested in the development of your small business is important, and simply means constantly taking your business to the next level.

Business Development can be seen in this example:

Sue has been growing her own fresh vegetables and tomatoes for years and she makes a delicious tomato sauce from all the garden fresh ingredients. She has been storing the sauces in cans and giving them as gifts to friends and family.  Some friends and family have been putting in orders for extra can.  After sometime Sue decides she is going to need to start selling the cans of sauce; because of the cost associated with making the sauce. Soon word gets out and Sue’s orders double, she is spending more time making sauce than at her “real” job.  Sue is taking more orders and decides she needs help making the sauce so she hires her kid’s and her sister to help her. Sues kitchen is shrinking and her business is growing she decides to rent a kitchen.  As we go through each step with Sue we see her business develop.  It’s as if you are watching a child grow.

Business Development is the art of constantly paying attention to the internal and external factors and trends around your business and  reacting appropriately.

Think about where your business is and where you want it to be.  What are the things that need to happen in order to get you there?

Let Stanton Adams Consulting show you How To Start Your Own Business  Learn More.

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