Increase Your Company’s Visibility Through Blogging.

If your company hires someone to manage your blogging, content marketing, or social media campaign it is important you utilize them correctly to get maximum benefit for your business. Here’s a good question about my blogging and social media services that a client of mine recently asked

“What should I be doing on my blog to increase my visibility?”

I appreciate a great question so I put a few thoughts together and here is my answer:

1. Posting and Sharing.

Often I am writing two blogs a week or two blogs a day, and I try to take advantage of this custom-made content to engage my target market by sharing it. Posts and repost links to your blog on social media sites, comment on the posts of others, and post them on your personal and professional pages. I also send links to coworkers, friends, and business associates and ask them to share. Remember: blogging gives you a good reason to converse with others. Use it!

2. Finding Ideas…

In order to keep your finger on the pulse of what your clients want, it’s important that you document some things.  What’s going on in your office every day – what conversations are you having on the phone or in meetings? Whats going on in current events? Look for trending topics online and throughout your day. You make a mental note or keep a notepad on your desk and jot down challenges, problems, questions and issues you or your audience may find interesting. No story idea is too small–those ideas become the real life topics you want to put into your blogs and marketing materials!

3. Focus on Value.

All readers want good value, and all reader-oriented blogs want to provide a good value. I encourage you to focus on providing value. Where does the value come from? As a blogger you can point out where the value might be so your reader can’t overlook it.  Establish trust and credibility by engaging readers in a conversation, thus building better relationships.

4. All roads lead to your website.

The most successful bloggers give their audience somewhere to go by using a call to action. Keep your readers moving and they may end up as loyal, paying clients. Put your blog on your company webpage. Ask for feedback and provide special offers link to related topics. These tips will also help you collect email addresses. Some bloggers send an email blast to their contacts about 1-2 times a month. Check out Mail Chimp or Constant Contact, it’s fast and it’s easy.

5. What do you think?

Readers want to hear from you – tell them what you like, what interests you. What ideas will be well received by your audience? When you see things in your industry or when you watch current events what would you do differently?

Your goal for blogging should be to always exceed your reader’s expectations and take an active, caring role in growing your relationships by eliciting feedback.

Do you have any tips on how to increase your blogs visibility?

I would love to hear form you.

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