Interview-preparation Strategies

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A brief explanation of 2-3 of my favorite interview-preparation strategies.

If I have reached the interview I have passed the resume, and phone interview phase. In phone interviews or initial interviews I try to build a rapport with the interviewer. I not only talk about who I am but I also try to say things like “thanks for taking time out to speak with me I have also been a hiring manager and I know how  crazy your day can get”. This small acknowledgement does two things it puts the interviewer at ease and it sheds some light on you as a leader.

Before I go in for an interview I do the following:

I usually do a mock interview with my spouse who will give me tough questions.

This will prepare you for the interview, the person you are going to speak with has some pretty routine questions. The first thing they will ask is “Tell me about yourself?” Stick to positive work related topics. It’s best to simply give a brief timeline of experience but make it sound interesting. This works for me because after getting through the routine questions a few times in practice they will come more natural to me in the interview. This also removes some of the anxiety of interviewing.

I will research the organization and see if they have been mentioned in the news or in trade journals for any “New Product or feat” so I can congratulate the ‘hiring’ officer.

Many organization are proud of the work they are doing in the areas of environmental achievement, medical advancement, or simply growth. All of these are great ways to show the interviewer you are watching the company and excited about their success. You can say I saw the article about your company on/in NYTimes/Huffington Post I think it’s great that your organization has      Fill in an Achievement     This works for me because I like for the interviewer to know that I am seriously interested in the organization not just the position.

Meditation: I channel all of the positive energy I can muster up and internalize it. This gives me confidence to go in and perform a stellar interview.

Before you enter the site of the interview sit in your car or just outside the establishment and give yourself a pep talk. “You’re ready, you’re prepared and this position is yours for the taking.” Being confident in your skills, talents and abilities will add to your chances of getting the job. This works for me because I can get bogged down in mental noise that may not be supportive of my goal. Simply put I start to think negative thoughts like what if they don’t like me or what if I say the wrong thing. By clearing my mind and replacing all thoughts with those conducive to my goal I become focused on the positive and not the negative.

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