Managing Up!

Developing a Relationship with your Manager.

At one point or another in your career, you will report to a manager.  The relationship that you create and manage, with both your immediate manager, and other company employees, are critical for your work success and career progress.

You’re in charge of your relationship with your manager. No one will ever share as much concern as you do, that the quality of the relationship helps you achieve your goals.  At the same time, your manager has information that you need to succeed.  He/she can’t do his/her job or accomplish his/her goals without your help.

So, your manager shares a critical interdependence with you.  If you don’t accomplish your work, your manager will never shine for his/her overall responsibilities.  You won’t progress without the information, perspective, experience, and support of your manager.


  1. Do what you say you’ll do.

  2.  Keep timeline commitments.

  3. Never blind side your manager with surprises that you could have predicted or prevented.

  4. Keep her informed about your projects and interactions with the rest of the organization.

  5. Tell the manager when you’ve made an error or one of your reporting staff has made a mistake.

Know your manager’s needs

  1. Identify your manager’s areas of weakness or greatest challenges and ask what you can do to help.

  2. What are your manager’s biggest worries; how can your contribution mitigate these concerns?

  3. Understand your manager’s goals and priorities.

  4. Place emphasis in your work to match her priorities.

  5. Think in terms of the overall success of your department and company, not just about you’re narrower world at work.


  1. Look for and focus on the “best” parts of your manager.

  2. Compliment your manager on something he/she does well.

  3. Provide positive recognition for contributions to your success

  4. Make your manager feel valued

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