Marketing to Hispanics Part 5

Planning to Market to Hispanic’s? Part 5 by Melissa Adams

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As I end my series titled Planning to Market to Hispanics? This post will focus on: The Author of Hecho In Minnesota – Posters Designed By UNO Branding Mr. Luis Fitch

Luis Fitch is an esteemed Hispanic Creative director. Mr. Fitch has lead award-winning branding efforts for top Fortune 500 companies including Target, Mervyn’s, Frito-Lay, Nash-Finch company, Josten’s, Kimberly-Clark and MTV Latino. His work has been awarded by the prestigious Peter Glen Special Award For Public Service, and was featured In Graphic Design USA’s 500th “People to Watch” issue, in 2006. Mr. Fitch is a proud member of the Advisory council on Diversity for AIGA Minnesota.

Luis Fitch’s new book “Hecho in Minnesota: Posters Designed by UNO Branding” is a colorful collection of posters that document the cross-cultural movement in Minnesota. This book offers a new look at hispanic culture in the mid-west. AIGA (the professional association for design) of Minnesota call’s Hecho In Minnesota – Posters Designed By UNO Branding

”A fusion of traditional and modern Latino culture in the Midwest”

Hecho In Minnesota – Posters Designed By UNO Branding (English and Spanish Edition)

“Branding and design do not happen in a vacuum, and they don’t start with advanced software tools and the latest computers,” Fitch said. “It all starts in the street” – the street where consumers live, shop, and work; where the products hit the shelves; and where the target markets respond – or not. (Luis Fitch).

Mr. Fitch showed us his book “Hecho in Minnesota: Posters Designed by UNO Branding” and it is full of vibrant colors that express the Hispanic Culture of Minnesota. More specifically his book sheds some light on Día de los Muertos or Day of the Dead the holiday celebrated throughout Mexico and around the world. The holiday focuses on family and friends getting together to pray for loved ones who have died. It is particularly celebrated in Mexico, where it is a national holiday.

The holiday has many traditions which include building private altars, honoring the deceased, using sugar skulls,marigolds, and the favorite foods and beverages of the departed and visiting graves with these as gifts.

If you are planning to market to Hispanics it’s important and helpful to know about different aspects of Hispanic Culture.

I will show you a couple of Mr. Fitch’s Poster’s they are all awesome

To see more go to

So remember if you are planning to market to Hispanics you should try to use culturally relevant marketing promotions.

Until we meet again think about how you can make your marketing campaign honestly reflect Hispanic life.

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