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voting day in a small town

voting day in a small town (Photo credit: Muffet)

This is not a political blog but I felt compelled to speak to you on this election day about an issue that is close to both Cecilia and my heart. I am going in to the polls today and I will be voting  for our next president. More or less importantly it depends where you stand I will be voting against a Constitutional Amendment which defines marriage as a union between “One man and one woman”.  Cecilia and I were recently married in New York where Gay marriage is legal but our marriage is and will not be recognized in Minnesota.

Current marriage amendments to US state consti...

Current marriage amendments to US state constitutions, by type Constitutional amendment bans same-sex marriage, civil unions, and any marriage-like contract between unmarried persons Constitutional amendment bans same-sex marriage and civil unions Constitutional amendment bans same-sex marriage Constitutional amendment grants legislature authority to ban same-sex marriage No constitutional amendments (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two things I think voters should know before they go to the polls in Minnesota are as follows:

1. Gay marriage is currently illegal in Minnesota, and a vote against the amendment will not change that. If the amendment passes, however, the Legislature or Supreme Court would not be able to take it out without another edit of the Constitution. If it fails, the law could be repealed or altered in the future.(myfox)

For those folks who don’t want to vote on this issue:

2.To prevail, the constitutional amendments require affirmative support from a majority of voters in the election. Ballots with the questions left blank automatically go in the “no” column.(myfox)

These two facts would be in the fine print, if there was any.  Many voters are confused and this information will only confuse people even more.  Hmm I wonder if that was the intention.

Well regardless I would like to help keep you informed so I will say this “pass this information on” to your friends and family in Minnesota.

The other Constitutional Amendment to be voted on in Minnesota is Voter ID

“A vote against the voter ID amendment would also have no effect on existing law, but the amendment’s passage would require voters to prevent a government-issued photo ID at elections in the future; however, it is still unclear what will or will not be accepted.

At this point, it is still unclear how it would affect same-day registration, student voters from out of state, or how much it would cost to implement.” (myfox)

What hasn’t been said about the voter ID amendment is that Veteran ID will not be recognized so it could deny our countries heroes the right to vote.  Not to mention the fact that we have no idea what burden this–not so well thought out–plan will cost tax payers.

Minnesota get out and vote it doesn’t matter who or what your going to vote for just get out and vote.  As Americans we need to be proactive and let our voices be heard.

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