SIX Techniques for Exceeding African American Customers’ Expectations

SIX Techniques for Exceeding African American Customers’ Expectations

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To begin attempting to exceed African American customers’ expectations, try the following:

  1. Become familiar with your African American customers: Get to know who we are and why we do business with you. Find out our likes and dislikes.

  1. Ask us what our expectations are: Find out what we see as the benefit of doing business with you. What would we like for you to do that you are not already doing?

  1. Tell us what we can expect: Convey your commitment to us.

  1. Live up to our expectations: Follow through by accomplishing what you have said that you would do.

  1. Maintain consistency: Do not promise what you cannot deliver, but always deliver a consistent service. African American Customers like to know that they will have the same positive experience every time they interact with you.

  1. Communicate with African American customers using the method we want to use: If customers prefer face-to-face communication, provide that; if they prefer online ordering or assistance, provide that; etc


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