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When it comes to setting goals I like to write them down it helps to bring my goals and ideas to life.  I have included a copy of one my most recent goals to give you an idea of how to write smart goals.  Just remeber to make sure your goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant/Realistic, and Timely


START DATE: 11/19/12           GOAL DATE: 11/24/12 DATE ACHIEVED: Ongoing

GOAL: Install ACT CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) and build Home office Computer Sharing Network


Stanton Adams LLC, purchased ACT! CRM software to keep track of our clients but we are having technical difficulties implementing the software because we do not have a LAN (Local Area Network) which allows file sharing.

1 Setup LAN

2 Setup File sharing

3 Import Database


Tuesday 9:00 call Technical support for ACT! CRM and ask about file sharing setup and ask for a walk through.

By Wednesday November 21 we want to have our LAN setup for computer to computer file sharing.

By Friday November 23 we need to have our CRM up and running.

By Monday November 26 we will be capable of calling clients, tracking sales, sending email blast and a host of other activities that comes with the ACT! CRM Software.


Call Act! Technical support at 9:00 am, and start with the LAN after we have achieved success in this area we will move on to the next step which is getting the CRM up and running.  Once we have the CRM up and running the next step is importing our Database of clients and becoming familiar with the Software.

Relevant (Realistic or Reasonable):

Upon completion of these goals Stanton Adams Consulting LLC, will become more competitive, we will be capable of contacting more people in regards to our services. We will be capable of invoicing allowing us to keep track of our sales.  Setting up a LAN will allow the owners of Stanton Adams to work on projects simultaneously, as well as allowing the owners to view and edit documents relevant to the daily business operations.


It is imperative that this goal is met During the week of November 19, 2012 thru November 24, 2012.  Stanton Adams Consulting has set a revenue goal of 100,000.00 for the fiscal year 2013 and if we are to accomplish this goal we must have these three goals met.

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