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I am excited because its spring and Cecilia Stanton and I are in the planning phase of some really exciting projects. People ask me all the time what do we do at Stanton Adams Consulting  so I dedicated this blog to helping you understand what it is we do.

Whatever the purpose of the organization there are some common denominators of  leadership.

However, leadership is not enough in today’s fast pace environment. Leading in the new millennium calls for visionaries who challenge people to do exceptional things.

Why? Because they are masters of change and can envision a better future, effectively communicate that vision, and get others to willingly make it a reality.  At Stanton Adams we call these people Transformational Leaders

At Stanton Adams Consulting our mission is to “Develop Leaders” into “Transformational Leaders”

My name is Melissa Adams and I am the Chief Operations Officer and Co-founder of Stanton Adams Consulting where we focus on “Developing Leaders” into “Transformational Leaders” through training.

We help organizations, teams and individuals recognize their Potential.

Some of  our clients are government agencies, educational institutions, and fortune 500 corporations.  We offer these clients a variety consulting services and experts in developing  Human Capital.

3 Types of Capital

Human Capital: The talents, creativity, skills, and abilities of an organizations workforce

Structural Capital: The resources, knowledge and experience that an organization possesses  this can include processes, software, patents, copyrights, and, the knowledge and experience of its employees.

Customer Capital: This includes your established customer base, an organizations reputation, ongoing relationships and the goodwill a company builds over time.

Aspiring leaders who do not interact well with others can damage their careers as well as  an organizations reputation for quality products and services.

So we have made it our mission at Stanton Adams Consulting to Develop todays Leaders into “Transformational Leaders” who can

  1. Work with and through others

  2. Achieve organizational objectives

  3. Balance effectiveness and efficiency

  4. Make the most of limited resources

  5. Cope with a changing environment

Most of our work incorporates the use of behavioral science theories, adapted from the fields of psychology, sociology, education, business management, economics, market research and more.

The reason we do this is because Leadership is a complex and dynamic mixture of processes and common sense, coupled with excellent social and cultural competency skills.

Copyright 2013 Stanton Adams Consulting, LLC

Copyright 2013 Stanton Adams Consulting, LLC

Whatever the purpose of the organization these eight functions are the common denominators of Leadership.

Planning: True leaders recognize planning as the first step to charting future courses of action.  Plans and the objectives in which they are based give purpose and direction to the leader.

Decision Making:  Making intelligent and ethical decisions are a major challenge to today’s leaders.

Organizing: Really exceptional leaders know that careful organizing helps ensure the efficient use of human resources.

Staffing: Staffing not only consist of recruitment, retention and training but it also includes developing others.  Staffing also takes embracing Diversity and practicing inclusion.

Communicating: Today’s leaders need to be capable of communicating and responsive to feedback. This means communicating upwards with the c-suite, downwards with the front line, and sideways with colleagues.

Motivating: An important aspect of leadership today is motivating people to pursue collective objectives. Today’s leaders succeed by satisfying employee needs and exceeding expectations with meaningful work and valued rewards.

Controlling: The most successful leader are the ones who are capable of tracking results. Leaders learn to compare desired results with actual outcomes and then take corrective action.

Leading: Being an influential and inspiring leader by serving as a role model and by adapting your communication and leadership style to the situation.

At Stanton Adams Consulting our mission is to “Develop Leaders” into “Transformational Leaders”

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