What do Consultants do?

Our Philosophy: A teacher is not someone who has many student’s, a teacher is someone who creates many teachers.

There is an old adage “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” From an organizational or business perspective, this statement implies that a consultant will show up as if by magic, ready to teach us the things we need to know, when we are ready to learn them.  Ironically some of us feel so ready, we mistake other students, who think they are teachers, for the teachers we long to have.  When this happen’s  individuals can follow the wrong people down the wrong path, learning very little. Even more importantly by the time we discover our error, we are too bruised and weary to look for a better teacher/consultant.

As Consultants we should recognize your brilliance and support you in learning how to nurture it.

Stanton Adams Consulting offers Professional Development  Consulting services.   A true Professional Development Consultant is not one who gives you anything.  A true Professional Development Consultant is one who makes you aware of what you already have and encourages you to use it.

A true Consultant is not one who tells you anything.  A true Consultant listens to you, learns from you and uses what you have to inspire your team.

Seeing your dilemmas, a true Professional Development Consultant walks through them with you.  On the other hand a true Professional Development Consultant will not do it for you.  Instead, they will sit with you as you figure out how to do it for yourself.  A true Consultant will not keep score for you.  We will support you in moving toward keeping score yourself.

Your really lucky , you have happened upon the greatest Professional Development Consultant’s of all.

At Stanton Adams Consulting we help bring you to the realization that you are your greatest teacher.

Still asking yourself “What do Consultants do?” and more importantly what can a consultant do for you? Go to our website (http://www.stantonadams.com) and speak to someone who can answer the tough questions and explain the business community to you in a language that you can understand

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