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What the DEI Industry Needs Most

Do you remember this popular headline?

“Chief Diversity Officer Is Both the Hottest And Toughest Job”

Graffiti about the urgency of DEI

This was a clear sign that the industry of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) is changing quickly, and DEI leaders are claiming their seat at the executive table. However, little attention is paid to the mentorship, coaching, and development of DEI talent.

These gifted leaders are expected to take full accountability for assessing, implementing, and sustaining change in organizations where culture is steeped in decades of tradition.

I know this experience first-hand. Almost 20 years ago, I accepted my first DEI role. While it was exciting, it was also very lonely and scary. It forced me to dig deep and find my true north to remain not only resilient but confident and innovative.

Throughout those early years, I made the discovery that DEI work was not a career, it was a calling. Since then, I’ve had the fortune of leading organizational transformations within educational institutions, non-profits, government agencies and corporate organizations.

Despite this success, I always yearned for a community of like-minded professionals who could be my sounding board, where I could learn and grow. I wanted a mentor, a strategic partner, and a coach, but that didn’t exist, which is why Malissa and I started The Diversity Institute.

So, welcome, and thank you for including us on your journey. We aim to be an anchor of healing, education, and inspiration to help you ignite your potential and cultivate genius.

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