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Strategies, skill-building & education for organizations & diversity practitioners 

No matter where you are on your diversity journey, Stanton Adams and The Diversity Institute can help you take the next step, overcome your obstacles, and achieve next-level results.

There is an urgent need for diversity education, training & best practices.

Many organizations and diversity professionals are struggling to make progress on their DEI goals because they lack experience or support. We exist to bridge the gap.

Assessing needs & competencies

& goal setting

Designing effective DEI strategies

Recruiting & retaining diverse talent

Choosing the right approach

Measuring performance & ROI

Building a diversity council

Support & training for diversity professionals

Achieve your DEI goals

Since 2010, we've helped companies of all sizes respond to change and stay ahead of their competition. We've recently expanded our programming to include support for individual diversity practitioners.

Strategy & Consulting
Achieve next-level results

Bridge leadership and resource gaps to build effective systems, practices, and policies that deliver results.

Education & training
Learn online or in-person

Interactive learning and programs designed to help DEI leaders deepen their knowledge and sharpen their skills.

Coaching & Mentoring
Improve your application

Learn to confidently apply DEI concepts and best practices within your organization or practice.

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Passionate & experienced diversity professionals.

For nearly 15 years, we've been helping organizations solve their most complex issues. Our backgrounds in psychology, sociology, organizational behavior, and change management – as well as 25+ years of education, knowledge, best practices, and real-world experience – means we know what it takes to achieve real transformational change.

"They were so engaging and so relevant. I would love to use them at our college again for employees."

Elizabeth Urang

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“When I first started as a diversity practitioner I longed for a supportive community and a place I could learn the best approaches to DEI. I never found the perfect program, so I created one.”

Cecilia Stanton Adams

Do you have the support you need to achieve more than marginal results?

“Everyone wants me to solve the diversity problem”


“I have too many things to accomplish and not enough time to complete them”


“How can I get more money for the programs I need”


“I don’t have any formal development or training”


“How do I succeed within the existing ‘system’?”

Overcome the uncertainty and challenges of creating real, lasting change and access for all.

Fully-vetted industry experts and real-world practitioners


Leading-edge strategies and tools


Online and virtual learning experiences, boot camps, and 1:1 coaching