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The Art & Science of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

A 7-week virtual intensive program designed by and for DEI professionals (whether you have the title or not). Deepen your knowledge, access best practices, and tools, and cultivate the support critical to sustaining any DEI professional's impactful work.

Next Session Starts Saturday, May 13, 2023 / Cost $1750

Diversity is an Art & a Science, and I can teach you both...

In January 2020, a popular headline came out; it said: "Chief Diversity Officers: The hottest & toughest job in business."

This was a clear sign that the industry of DEI is changing quickly, and DEI leaders are claiming their seats at the executive table. However, little attention is paid to the mentorship, coaching, and development of DEI talent.   

These gifted leaders are expected to take full accountability for assessing, implementing, and sustaining change in organizations whose culture has been steeped in tradition for decades. 

I know this experience first-hand. Almost 20 years ago, I accepted my first DEI role. While it was exciting, it was also very lonely and scary. It forced me to dig deep and find my true north to remain not only resilient but confident and innovative.

Throughout those early years, I discovered that DEI work was not a career; it was a calling. Since then, I've been fortunate to lead organizational transformations within educational institutions, non-profits, government agencies, and corporate organizations.  

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Cecilia Stanton Adams
Chief Executive Officer
The Diversity Institute

Despite this success, I always yearned for a community of like-minded professionals who could be my sounding board, where I could learn and grow. I wanted a mentor, a strategic partner, and a coach, but that didn’t exist, so I designed the Art & Science of DEI because I wanted to share my knowledge and experience as a diversity practitioner, consultant, and coach.   

Through this course, I aim to provide an anchor of healing, education, and inspiration to ignite potential and cultivate genius.


Simply put, Diversity is an Art and a Science and I can teach you both. 

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Leading Change is an Art & a Science

Now is the time to launch or advance your career in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

How will my company benefit from this program?

  1. Improved DEI knowledge and skills: The Art & Science of DEI provide professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within their organization. 

  2. Enhanced credibility and expertise: DEI certification demonstrates a level of knowledge and skill gained in DEI. 

  3. Increased capacity to drive change: DEI professionals who have completed The Art & Science of DEI are better equipped to lead DEI initiatives and drive change within their organization.

  4. Enhanced ability to attract and retain top talent: Companies that prioritize DEI and invest in the development of their DEI professionals may be more attractive to top talent who value diversity, equity and inclusion.

  5. Improved organizational performance: A diverse and inclusive workplace can lead to improved collaboration, creativity, and decision-making, which can ultimately result in better organizational performance

What We Cover in the Program:

Whether you are in a DEI role or aspire to be, your role in transforming your organization's mindset can seem insurmountable…If these challenges have been on your mind, this program is for YOU!

Career Outlook in the DEI Industry

Explore the history of DEI in the workplace and its evolution as an industry. Learn to identify the core DEI competencies employers seek and create a sustainable career path.

Race, Class, Gender & Intersectionality

Deconstruct the practice of counting people and deepen your understanding of history's role in who gets counted and who counts.

DEI Approaches & Impact

Understand the different frameworks you can use to focus your DEI initiatives and learn to discern the types of organizations that would be the best fit for you.

Tools of the Trade for DEI practitioners

Every DEI practitioner needs tools to do the work at hand. In this session, we will work collaboratively and design a digital DEI toolkit with best practice assessments, strategies, and resources to set you up for success.

Group Coaching & Problem-Solving

In the group coaching model, students will take turns getting coached on current issues. The focus will be on creating solutions through a process of self-discovery.

Preparing for the Future of DEI

Putting what you learned into practice in preparation to make systemic change within our world. On this day we will also celebrate your wins and get clear on your why.

This series is perfect for you if:
  • You're a seasoned DEI professional and feel confident in your abilities but lack community support to ensure sustainability in your work.

  • You're a working professional hoping to gain knowledge, skills, and practical techniques to take your career to the next level.

  • You were recently promoted to a DEI role and are looking for a roadmap and a toolbox to help you on your journey.

  • You're a DEI professional and feel confident in your abilities but lack community support and actionable strategies to ensure sustainability in your work.

What You'll Get:

The program combines an online learning platform, live Zoom sessions, group coaching, and comprehensive course materials to support you in your DEI professional journey.

Insightful & Interactive Learning

Small class size fosters trust and community-building in sharing and testing innovative ideas.

Collaborative Instruction

Group coaching, guest DEI professionals and networking opportunities

Online Platform

Access to a cohort-only discussion forum and an online platform filled with experiential exercises, worksheets, and more

Future Discounts

One year of access to all course materials and a 10% discount to future Diversity Institute programs and events

Recommended Resources

A curated and customized list of educational materials, including case studies, interviews, and inspirational stories

Professional Certification Upon Completion

A certification showing your ability to demonstrate the knowledge and skills you've gained.

Become a DEI Gamechanger 

Now accepting applications for classes starting on Saturday, May 13, 2023.

Meet virtually (via Zoom) on 7 -Saturdays starting May 13, 2023, 9 AM-11 AM. (CST)

Registration is open until May 8th or until all seats are filled
Space is limited to 15 participants
Cost: $1750
Payment plans are available. Choose to pay in full or in (3) installments. No money down to complete the application. When you receive a letter of acceptance you will have 7 days to choose your payment method.


Please contact us if you have any questions about the program, materials, format, or schedule.

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Meet your DEI Coach

Cecilia Stanton Adams

Chief Executive Officer & DEI Practitioner

Hi! I'm Cecilia Stanton Adams. I've made it my life mission to cultivate equitable, compassionate, and inclusive workplaces. With two decades of experience leading organizational transformation, I understand the unique challenges diversity practitioners face, and I can teach you the strategies that work and warn you against those that won't.

Apply to Art & Science
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